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HUTSULKA - From the Carpathian Mountain Region. Dances from this region are commonly taught due to their lively and spirited nature. They are known for their circular patterns, and extreme energy which involves lifts, and couples spinning madly. Steps are characteristically done in a tight up and down motion rather than wide side to side motion due to the small secluded areas in the mountains. HONIVITER - A girls swift dance from the Carpathian Mountains portraying the wind action/pattern of the region. KOLOMYJKA - Originates from the Eastern Carpathian region near the town of Kolomyja. It is a very quick tempo dance where steps can interchange half way through a melody. It is danced in circle type formation and straight lines. Can be a girls or a mixed dance. BEREZNYANKA - A mixed wedding dance from the Zakarpatya region. The lads carry decorated sticks and the girls a white handkerchief. It is a very colourful dance where the girls and lads celebrate a wedding of one of their friends. VITALNJY TANETS - This mixed dance opens a concert show where one of the girls comes out and welcomes the audience with bread &  salt (a very old Ukrainian tradition). It is continued with the lads &  girls showing each other different sequences of simple steps. ZAPOROZETS - A Men's (War Like) dance from the Zaporizia central region of Ukraine. The dance characterises the fight and stance of the Cossacks defending the Steppes and their homeland from foreign intruders. ARKAN - This dance is men only. Arkan (which literally means Snare) originates from the western Carpathian region and is danced mainly in a circle with the men holding long wooden hatchets. CHUMAK - This dance illustrates the life of a salt trader. The dance originates from the Black Sea region and can be danced as a solo or as a group of boys. HOPAK - This is probably the most famous of all Ukrainian Dances from the Capital Region of Ukraine, Kiev. A mixed dance in parts, very swift, the men are very expansive in their movements, the women are more graceful. The dance accumulates to the point when each dancer will perform his/her individuality either in form of solos or duets and climaxing to a memorable finish. HUTSUL RHAPSODY - This can be a mixed or boys dance from Carpathian Mountain Region. Younger Boys perform this modern Hutzul dance incorporating new hutzul choreography leading to a climax finish. It includes some amazing hutzul solos. BOYS FROM KIEV - Originated from Kiev Region another male dance performed by all the boys in the Ensemble. Two groups of lads try to outwit each other with individual elastic routines and solos. This is Ukrainian's equivalent to New York's 'West Side Story'. HRECHANKY -An all Girls dance from Poltava region of Ukraine. Very fast and intricate dance where steps change half way through the melody. Can only be appreciated once witnessed in the audience. LASTIVKA - Latest choreographed all girls dance from central region of Ukraine portraying the movements of a swallow. Slow introduction leading to a very quick tempo and climax finale. KOZACHOK - Is a folk dance from Central Ukraine. It is a fast, linear dance, typically in a constantly increasing tempo and of an improvisatory character in a major key. It can be performed by girls only or a typical couple dance. The women leads and the man follows imitating her figures - she signals movement changes by hand clapping. The Kozachok, from Kozak (Cossack), can be traced back to the Vertep, the late 16th & 17th century East Slavic puppet theatre.
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